Business processes management

The VG BackOffice integrates every essential softwares for the operational and financial management of your company.

What is the cost of an invoice ?

The cost of an invoice is not the cost of printing !

It is the cost of the operational and financial processes.

VisualGest optimizes and automates all these processes !

The VG documentary follow-up, a unique concept on ERP market of the ERP !

Features of VG Backoffice


  • Budgetary and analytical general accounting - developed in association with fiduciaries.
  • Investments management.
  • Payrolls management: integration of all the contractual configurations.
  • Global, split and boundled invoicing, on a mounthly basis, XML, BVR, BVR +, Isabel (EU)
  • Debtors management: cash-ins, reminders, monthly statements, litigations and prosecution.
  • Creditors management: DTA, IBAN, SOG, (HAD) Isabel, schedule of creditors, preparing payrolls.
  • Multi-level pricing strategy. 


  • Customer management: multicriteria research, link equipoise steroid side effects with the Swiss Twixtel Directory.
  • Customers Order Management through the VisualGest documentary follow-up.
  • Comodities Management , multi-criteria research and decision-making interface.
  • Stock Management multi-sites, multi-stocks, generalization of bar codes, mobility with PDA.
  • Management and planning of the supplier’s order.
  • Management of multi-level manufacturing.
  • Business Organization, CRM
  • Project / mandates management and the integration of terminals – badge readers.
  • Automated mailling, e-mail, SMS.
  • Intranet and VGWebShop. On-line order taking, direct management through VisualGest ERP, Backlog customers for ISO integration.
  • Electronic archiving.