Digital Catalog

The greatest app for your sales representative

Sales representative on the road?

Amaze your customers with your personal developed app 


VG Digital catalogue is here to make your life simpler and to save your time. 

Vg Digital Catalogue is an application for your Tablet which will help you gain more customers and impress them at the same time.   

This application will optimize the process of making an order with a light speed and without any additional energy invested.  

Catalog features 

  • Online and offline mode 
  • List view 
  • Find, filter and select products 
  • Send order confirmations  
  • Register customers 
  • Custom offers for your clients 
  • Adapts to your price policy 
  • Comment section 
  • Electronic signatures 
  • Print and email confirmations 
  • Supports multiple languages 

Linking the Digital Catalog with your ERP 

  • Integrated with your VG ERP software 
  • Use price lists from your VisualGest ERP software 
  • Manage customers directly from your ERP 
  • Online stock information and live feed synchronization  
  • Apply custom filters 
  • Customer specific prices 
  • Receive orders directly from your VG Catalogue 

Customisable App 

You can easily customize the Digital catalog to suit your needs. Just add your name and logo so the app can match your visual identity. 


Discover the limitless possibilities of the Digital Catalog and contact us.