Mobil Office

The VG MobilOffice is a sequence of software, appropriate to mobile devices such as PDAs and industrial tablets. (Inventory, orders and receipt of goods, lots capture and serial numbers ...).

Why a mobile solution for your stock management ?


Wherever you are, the mobility allows you to have the information in real time.

Prepare your products for inventory, receipt of goods, lots capture or serial numbers.


Some tasks, such as inventory, are optimized with mobile solutions. No more paper! Everything can be done in real time, throughout the year and without interruption.

With accurate inventory, all business processes of your company are improved.

Other tasks, such as receiving of goods, monitoring of lots and serial numbers, ... are performed optimally through mobility.

What makes VG MobilOffice different from other solutions ?

Mobile applications developed by VisualGest are fully integrated into the BackOffice and FrontOffice. These are not solutions developed by third parties. 

The applications are integrated in real time, no need of synchronization. 

They allow you to work in online mode, but also in offline mode, according to the constraints of your environment.



  • Stock management, online and offline inventory, ... 
  • Reception of goods.
  • Capture of serial numbers. 
  • Supervision 
Use mobility to optimize your business processes !

Why mobility is a necessity ?

Optimizing particular tasks processes, ensuring the integrity and the real-time access to information, that need to be operated in a mobile manner. This mobility is essential at different phases of the business process: inventory management, sales, maintenance, service, reception and delivery of goods, shops and itinerant sellers, remote supervision, specific applications. 
The MobilOffice allows optimizing certain processes whose task requires mobility. 
These are applications which operates on Windows Mobile computers, connected by WiFi, GSM, ... 
Several programs are proposed, for a total integration with BackOffice and Front Office. 
The MobileOffice modules are connected directly to the information system of the company, and the performed tasks include all the BackOffice and FrontOffice data.

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