VG Small Business Point of Sale

VG Small Business Point of Sale is an operational and financial management solution from your point-of-sale.

Ideal for start-ups, self-employed and small companies that manage a point-of-sale.

The solution “VG Small Business Point of Sale” is developed to be able to integrate with all existing components POS (cash register, cash drawer, display, barcode reader, receipt printer / barcode, identification tools, card member or loyalty, etc.)

VG Small Business POS integrates 3 simplified modules: Accounting, FrontOffice and Suppliers.

The operational and financial management of a point-of-sale.

VG Small Business gives you the solution you expected. It is a software that has proven itself for 20 years among major national and international companies and is adapts now also to your needs and expectations in a simplified and scalable manner.

This release is restricted to 1 point of sale. You can switch any time to the full version, multi-site, multi-boxes, multi-stocks.

According to your needs, the installation is done locally, in network or Terminal Server.

VG Small Business Point of Sale integrates 3 simplified modules:

  • VG Small Business Accounting
  • VG Small Business Front Office
  • VG Small Business Suppliers

Any moment, you can upgrade to the full version with a single click, and without losing your original investment.

VG Small Business - Point of Sale - Price
Price (One user)First year>Second year
Main license2500.-0.-
Training (pack 8 hrs) + Follow-up / Support1500.-0.-
Tracking / Support / Update0.-1200.-
Hosting0.-5.- / jour
Additional user price (maximum 3)First year>Second year
Additional user500.-0.-
Training / Monitoring / Support300.-0.-
Tracking / Support / Update0.-240.-
Hosting0.-2.50 / jour


These options require separate training (Point of Sale)


Option VG Small Business +

  • 250 .- Electronic sending (PDF) of invoices / customer offers
  • 250 .- Export Excel with link for fiduciary consolidation
  • 250 .- Marketing / Newsletter
  • 250 .- Sending SMS Mail Fax
  • 250 .- Management of credit limits

Additional Modules +

  • Additional BackOffice (up to 3 extensions)
    1000.- Support / monitoring / updating 300 .- / year from the 2nd year
  • Salary up to 3 people with DTA
    1000.- Support / monitoring / updating 300 .- / year from the 2nd year
  • Time / project management, work report
    1000 .- Support / monitoring / updating 300 .- / year from the 2nd year

Comparative VG-SMB and VG (Point of Sale)

 VG Small BusinnesVisualGest
Electronic sending (PDF) of invoices / customer offersOptionYes
Export Excel for fiduciary consolidationOptionYes
Credit limit managementOptionYes
Sending SMS mail FaxOptionYes
Marketing / NewsletterOptionYes
Salary up to 3 people with DTAOptionUnlimited
Time / project management, work reportOptionYes
Multi-currencyN / AYes
Investment ManagementN / AYes
Multi-BVR ManagementN / AYes
Multi-VATN / AYes
Cost AccountingN / AYes
Multi-company consolidationN / AYes
Vendor ordering (XML)N / AYes
Sending invoices electronically (XML)N / AYes
Contract Management / SubscriptionN / AYes
Electronic archivingN / AYes
CRMN / Ayes